Bilingual Flash Cards of Emotions

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This gorgeous set features 20 hand-drawn illustrations of diverse children experiencing different emotions. The five vibrant colors categorize emotions, making learning fun and engaging. Each card includes prompting questions to spark conversations about feelings, fostering emotional intelligence in little ones (ages 18 months+). Durable and beautiful, these flashcards are perfect for home or school!

We are introducing our 2nd set of flash cards: “Emotions”. Emotions set is a source of immense pride for us. Featuring hand-drawn illustrations, these flash cards are not only educational but also gorgeous, promising to captivate children’s minds with vibrant artwork and colours. Whether used for learning at home or school, their simple design and durable material make them perfect for little hands with large imaginations.

The set includes 20 emotions cards + 1 teaching guide


  • Our flash cards come in five vivid colours, each representing a different set of emotions:
  • Joyful Yellow: Happy, Enthusiastic, Scared and Lonely.
  • Calm Blue: Sad, Confused, Grateful and Nervous.
  • Energetic Red: Angry, Frustrated, Playful and Peaceful.
  • Thoughtful Green: Proud, Tired, Shy and Embarrassed.
  • Friendly Purple: Surprised, Bored, Curious and Loved.


The flash cards include hand-drawn illustrations of children expressing a range of emotions from joy to sadness. In keeping with our mission to empower all children to see themselves in our cards, we made a conscious effort to feature children from diverse backgrounds. On the back of each card, there are three prompting questions about the emotion represented, developed to begin important conversations about said emotion which we hope will help children comprehend their feelings and thus express them in a healthy manner.

Recommended for 18+ months.
ATTENTION: Use under supervision. May result in a choking hazard.

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Dimensiones 101 × 139 × 27 mm
Size of cards

89 x 127 mm


Cardboard of 800gsm (cards) and 900gsm (box)