My Book of Numbers


“Mi Libro de Números” es un viaje bilingüe e interactivo para niños pequeños, que explora los números a través de vívidas ilustraciones y frases interesantes. Este libro es el comienzo perfecto para ayudar a desarollar las habilidades lingüísticas y de aritmética de forma temprana.


Embarking on an exciting numerical journey, “My Book of Numbers” is a captivating and educational bilingual book tailored for inquisitive young minds. Measuring a convenient 15cm x 15cm and constructed from durable cardboard, this book is an ideal companion for toddlers eager to explore the fascinating world of numbers.

Key Features:

  • Bilingual Brilliance: In ‘My Book of Numbers,’ young readers embark on a bilingual exploration of the captivating realm of numbers. With each turn of the page, children effortlessly absorb numerical vocabulary in both languages, enhancing their linguistic abilities.
  • Eye-catching Illustrations:  Captivate young imaginations with vibrant and delightful illustrations that bring each number to life. Furthermore, every page features a different number, accompanied by charming images that engage and entertain, making the learning experience enjoyable.
  • Interactive Learning: Transform learning into an interactive adventure! Engage children’s senses as they touch and explore the sturdy cardboard pages, promoting tactile development while building early cognitive skills.
  • Educational Entertainment: More than just a visual delight, ‘My Book of Numbers’ is an educational tool that helps children identify and understand numbers in both languages.
    Additionally, it fosters cognitive development and lays the foundation for early numeracy skills, ensuring a solid start for your child’s educational journey.
  • Durability Guaranteed: Constructed from high-quality cardboard, this book is built to withstand the enthusiastic handling of little hands. It’s designed to be a lasting companion throughout your child’s early learning journey, providing a durable and engaging resource.

Whether it’s ‘uno’ or ‘one,’ ‘dos’ or ‘two,’ ‘My Book of Numbers’ invites your child to explore the world of numbers and enrich their numerical vocabulary.

Indulge in countless hours of learning and fun with this bilingual gem, an excellent addition to any child’s library. Moreover, it makes for an ideal gift for parents and children to cherish together.

Ignite your child’s curiosity and creativity with “My Book of Numbers.” Embark on a numerical adventure that will leave a lasting impression on their developing minds. Order your copy today and witness your child’s world becoming even more numerically vibrant!