Made by Latin American women

Want to learn about Bilinbee? Bilinbee began in 2021 when Andrea was pregnant with her first baby. As a Spanish speaker who lives in Australia, she wanted to teach her baby both languages, Spanish and English, so that he could communicate with his family in Australia and Chile. Looking for bilingual toys, she only found basic tools with simple translations. Andrea knew that children needed something more handmade by a mother with the best interests at heart.

Carolina has been interested in learning all her life. She is a teacher with a Master of Education and is currently studying for a PhD in Architecture, investigating learning spaces in Australia. One afternoon during their regular meetings, Andrea told Carolina about her problem. Carolina, who has been an entrepreneur in education for more than ten years, said to her that if the product she was looking for did not exist, then it was time to create it. So, they set out to found Bilinbee and design educational toys for children raised in bilingual families.

Bilinbee is not only a wonderful resource for bilingual children but also, helps English or Spanish speaker parents maximize their child’s language capabilities in a multilingual world!

Teacher with a Master of Education
and studying a PhD

Our Bilingual mum and Graphic

Alex, Andrea y Carito

A new dream blossomed out of years of friendship between the founders.


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Here we are a team! We work hard to deliver what you need to help you raise your bilingual child.
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We understand kids. We make sure that our products are fun and will keep your child on track to success.
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We make sure that our products are of the best quality because our little customers deserve it.
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Every product is reviewed multiple times by native speakers to ensure that they are completely accurate.

“A different language is a different vision of life.”

– Federico Fellini, Italian film director.