Bilingual Flash Cards Mammals Edition


Introducing Bilinbee, Mammals Edition – a set of Bilingual Flash Cards that go beyond the ordinary! These cards are not just for play; they’re a fantastic opportunity to introduce your child to the Spanish-speaking world. Developed by two bilingual Latin-American women in Australia, this set features 20 double-sided flashcards in five vibrant colours. Each card showcases a mammal in both Spanish and English, along with a unique characteristic phrase. Designed with rounded corners for safety during playtime, these flashcards make learning engaging and enjoyable for children aged 18 months and above. Explore the world of bilingual education with Bilinbee, where play, learning, and fun seamlessly come together. Visit our shop to discover more exciting bilingual toys designed to enhance your child’s early education.

What you are holding in your hands is more than regular flash cards. These are Bilingual Flash Cards!

Bilingual toys are a wonderful opportunity to introduce your child to the Spanish-speaking world. Moreover, Bilinbee, Mammals Edition, is the perfect and fun way to do it!

Would you like to have a bilingual child? Better yet, what about improving your multilingual skills? This is your chance!

Play, learn, and have fun with your little loved ones. Furthermore, this set contains 20 bilingual mammal flashcards designed by two bilingual Latin-American women in Australia.

Get your kids excited to learn about mammals with our bilingual toys. Additionally, our gorgeous range of Spanish-English flashcards is perfect for children learning the Spanish language. Specifically designed for homeschooled and preschool kids, these flashcards serve as a great learning tool.

Set your child on the path to success with this exciting learning activity. Specifically, these mammals’ flashcards will captivate, engage, and motivate your child in learning. Moreover, these cards contribute to getting the best out of your children’s early childhood education.



  • Double-sided printed, featuring Spanish on one side and English on the other side.
  • Rounded corners are incorporated to protect your little ones’ hands during playtime.
  • The set includes five vibrant colors: light blue, green, orange, yellow, and purple.
  • A diverse array of animals are featured, such as Dog, Monkey, Tiger, Bear, Cat, Elephant, Dolphin, Zebra, Giraffe, Rabbit, Horse, Rhinoceros, Sheep, Fox, Bat, Whale, Squirrel, Cow, Mouse, and Pig.
  • Each card not only showcases an animal but also includes a name and a characteristic phrase unique to that animal.

Every Bilinbee product is designed to meet international safety standards. Furthermore, our products have undergone the most stringent product safety testing. These tests encompass “Safety of toys,” AS/NZS ISO 8124: Part 1:2019+A1:2020+A2:2020, “Safety of toys,” AS/NZS 8124: Part 2: 2016, and AS/NZS ISO8124.3:2021.

Recommended for 18+ months.
ATTENTION: Use under supervision. May result in a choking hazard.

Do you have a puppy that doesn’t follow your orders? maybe he just speaks Spanish! try these commands with your little pup, and let us know how it goes.

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Additional information

Dimensions 101 × 139 × 27 mm
Size of cards

89 x 127 mm


Cardboard of 800gsm (cards) and 900gsm (box)